Патрохин Сергей

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Result 03:01:36.29

17.25 km/h
16.486 points

362 of 465 of all participants
336 of 406 of all men
38 of 54 in "M40-44" category

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Splits and intermediate points
Split nameDistance from startTime at the splitSegment length, mSegment resultSegment tempoSplit distance, mSplit resultSplit tempo
Swim 1.5 km150000:37:27.49150000:37:27.4902:29 min/100m150000:37:27.4902:29 min/100m
Bike 20.3 km2185001:26:32.742035000:43:44.2927.92 km/h
Bike 40.7 km4220002:07:03.792035000:40:31.0430.14 km/h4070001:24:15.3328.98 km/h
Run lap 14480002:22:17.35260000:13:16.1205:06 min/km
Run lap 24724202:35:06.99244200:12:49.6305:15 min/km
Run lap 34968402:48:11.38244200:13:04.3905:21 min/km
Run lap 45212603:01:13.32244200:13:01.9305:20 min/km
Run 10 km5220003:01:36.297400:00:22.9705:10 min/km1000000:52:35.0605:15 min/km
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