Brusnika RBT

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Result 02:51:47.65

18.23 km/h
9.524 points

47 of 54 of all participants
19 of 22 of all mixed teams

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Splits and intermediate points
Split nameDistance from startTime at the splitSegment length, mSegment resultSegment tempoSplit distance, mSplit resultSplit tempo
Swim 1.5 km150000:37:26.98150000:37:26.9802:29 min/100m150000:37:26.9802:29 min/100m
Bike 20.3 km2185001:13:29.922035000:34:13.3635.68 km/h
Bike 40.7 km4220001:48:38.042035000:35:08.1234.75 km/h4070001:09:21.4835.21 km/h
Run lap 14480002:05:04.43260000:15:10.8005:50 min/km
Run lap 24724202:19:48.67244200:14:44.2306:02 min/km
Run lap 34968402:35:25.05244200:15:36.3806:23 min/km
Run lap 45212602:51:24.21244200:15:59.1506:32 min/km
Run 10 km5220002:51:47.657400:00:23.4405:16 min/km1000001:03:09.6006:18 min/km
These are video clips at the moment of your passing via a timeline.
#11 — Run 10 km, passing at 12:46:47.65 for bib 731