Рулевский Евгений

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Result 02:00:23.79

24.87 km/h
95.635 points

6 of 279 of all participants
6 of 252 of all men
5 of 49 in "M25-29" category

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Splits and intermediate points
Split nameDistance from startTime at the splitSegment length, mSegment resultSegment tempoSplit distance, mSplit resultSplit tempo
Плавание 1.5км150000:22:38.07150000:22:38.0701:30 min/100m150000:22:38.0701:30 min/100m
Транзит 1150000:23:58.91000:01:20.83000:01:20.83
Вело 18км1950000:51:52.041800000:27:53.1238.73 km/h
Вело 37.6км3910001:21:33.991960000:29:41.9439.6 km/h
Велоэтап 38.4км3990001:23:40.3780000:02:06.3822.79 km/h3840000:59:41.4538.6 km/h
Транзит 23990001:24:35.92000:00:55.54000:00:55.54
Бег 5км4490001:42:50.35500000:18:14.4303:38 min/km
Бег 10км4990002:00:23.79500000:17:33.4303:30 min/km1000000:35:47.8703:34 min/km
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