Ханина Надежда

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Result 02:31:38.36

07:11 min/km
0.0 points

1368 of 1421 of all participants
379 of 414 of all women
58 of 65 in "F25-29" category

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Splits and intermediate points
Split nameDistance from startTime at the splitSegment length, mSegment resultSegment tempoSplit distance, mSplit resultSplit tempo
5 km510600:33:57.59510600:33:57.5906:39 min/km510600:33:57.5906:39 min/km
10.5 km1042601:12:39.37532000:38:41.7807:16 min/km532000:38:41.7807:16 min/km
16 km1595001:52:01.55552400:39:22.1707:07 min/km552400:39:22.1707:07 min/km
21 km2100002:31:07.44505000:39:05.8807:44 min/km505000:39:05.8807:44 min/km
21.1 km2110002:31:38.3610000:00:30.9105:09 min/km10000:00:30.9105:09 min/km
These are video clips at the moment of your passing via a timeline.
#6 — 21.1 km, passing at 12:34:41.19 for bib 727