Personal athlete rating

What is an personal athlete rating?

Personal athlete rating is an indicator of his sportsmanship, demonstrated at races included in the rating series.

How is it calculated?

The rating of an athlete is the arithmetic average of the two best points earned by a participant in the races included in the rating. If the participant is a good boy/girl, but only started in one race, he/she is not included in the rating. If s/he started in forty races, but with weak results, the arithmetic average of only the two best scores will be included in the rating.

Let's take examples

Let's. Suppose we have a participant named Johanes (the name is fictitious) and he took part in five races, in one of which he came last, and in the other he didn't finish.

Summary table of results of a hypothetical participant of a hypothetical rating.
Race on the fragile ice01:02:03.0465.453
„Sunday rush“ half-marathon01:50:23.940
Run „Forrest run“02:12:85.0699.987
Running three meters in slippersDNF
Race in the arena for horses00:06:58.2142.15

The stability of the results is of course strange but for example it’s the most.

So for the calculation in the rating two best (by points) results will be taken from those where there were at least some points earned (0 is also “at least some”!). Thus, "fragile ice" and "Forrest run" are accounted--and the average is taken between 65.453 and 99.987, i. e. 82.72

If Johanes participated only in the first two races ("ice" and "rush") we would take an average between 65.453 and 0, i. e. 32.727