Толстиков Андрей

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Result 00:19:32.52

03:54 min/km
77.636 points

8 of 45 of all participants
8 of 34 of all men
1 of 4 in "1994-1990 г.р." category

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Splits and intermediate points
Split nameDistance from startTime at the splitSegment length, mSegment resultSegment tempoSplit distance, mSplit resultSplit tempo
1 круг166700:06:11.81166700:06:11.8103:43 min/km
2 круг333400:12:53.53166700:06:41.7204:00 min/km
Финиш500000:19:32.52166600:06:38.9903:59 min/km500000:19:32.5203:54 min/km